ESN Bristol's first language tandem of the year! Feeling like you need to practise your languages? Want to speak with natives? Or maybe you simply want to meet new people and learn about different cultures.... Then the language tandem is for you!

If you already have a language tandem partner, feel free to bring them with you! If you don't have one, simply join the conversation with the rest of us! 

So what's the plan?
** First, get a refreshment and make yourself comfortable. 
** Starter icebreaker activity: Meet the rest of the people by playing the 3 Statements game : 2 of them are true, and 1 of them is false. The other person has to guess which one is the false one!
** Next? Tables time! Each table will have different languages you can practise. Go to the one you're interested in, and you can simply speak, or you can play Charades in the language of the table with your group!

We also have great drink deals available, with £3 for each vodka, rum and gin mixer! 

Bring your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues: languages are for everyone! :)

Location: The White Bear, St Michael's Hill

21/09/2016 - 19:00
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